Designer Silk Scarves:
Are you looking for a fun and fashionable lift to your spirits?

These designer silk scarves might be your answer.

Do you just love the soft, luxurious feel of silk against your skin?

Would you like to find a quick and easy way to transform your smart day wear into an instant dinner date eye-catcher? Or to complement your favourite outfit with an inspired touch?

Perhaps you are looking for a special gift for a  friend, family member or hard-working colleague, who would love a little extra luxury and colour in his or her life?

Designs are based on stories, Australian stories, so if that is a connection that you enjoy, have fun and explore further!

High quality never goes out of fashion

Designs for these high quality silk scarves were developed from my original paintings, expressly for this Spirit of Oz collection. (Would you like to know something about me - Jill Booth? Check here.)

Although their subjects revolve around aspects of our 'wide brown land', designs have universal appeal because of their adherence to well known design principles such as colour harmony, line, movement and balance.

It's interesting to see that, once a scarf is tied (or just floats) as part of an outfit, those elements of design take over and the subject matter fades away. I like to think that a spirit of lively engagement remains!

No matter where in the world you live, do you wish that you could find just that right colour - or, better still, several colours in one scarf, that looks as though it is designed just for you?

If so, enjoy the journey. Click on images, below, to see some of the series on offer. The large, limited edition squares, may also be purchased as limited edition prints on canvas.

NB: Once the limited edition scarves (only 120 will ever be made) or prints are gone - they're gone! Because of their scarcity you are very unlikely to see anyone else wearing these 'slow fashion' statements.

High in integrity and totally without compromise, these series of constantly evolving designer silk scarves and wraps celebrate Australian culture and fashion, its lifestyle, scenic beauty and the character of its people, through original designs based on real stories.

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What's the idea behind Spirit of Oz designer silk scarves?

Says artist, Jill Booth (that's me!) "The Spirit of Oz is the result of a lifetime of travel and adventures across this vast land of ours. In a way it is a culmination of those experiences, which I would like to share in a practical way".

The Spirit of Oz sings and shouts for joy. It thrills with the wild beauty of ancient, dramatic landscapes or enthralls with the mystery of dreamtime stories.  It explores deserted tropical beaches and misty rainforests, flaunts brilliantly coloured desert flowers – and even records aspects of Australia’s history.

What is it? This creative endeavour is the manifestation of the Spirit of Australia – Spirit of Oz, for short – in flowing, luxuriously sensual, pure silk, to be enjoyed by the most discerning - you?

Be a leader. Stay ahead with these uncompromisingly high quality art statements, sustainably designed to last, perhaps to become much loved heirlooms!

Digital prints on silk capture fine design details

Using original images, created from first-hand observations, sketches, photographs, drawings, collages, lithographs, etchings and paintings, textile artist, I develop designs in soft or vibrant colours that engage and resonate with both wearer and viewer.

These insights, or glimpses, are brought to life with paint, dyes and brushes, inspired by my love of this vast continent and its varied environment.

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Spirit of Oz tells an Australian story

Each image, or series of images, is inspired by a story – a uniquely Australian story.

The completed artwork is transferred to luxuriously soft and springy, best quality, pure silks, by being carefully digitally printed and sewn (mostly in Australia) to exacting standards, using technically superior equipment and highly qualified artisans.

No doubt, these pure silk scarves are ‘high end’ collectors’ items, but with moderate prices that reflect their value for money. Many of them limited edition art pieces, they are available to all on a ‘first come’ basis and include postage within Australia (subsidised postage for overseas clients). All scarves are signed by the artist and a complementary greetings card is included.

Beautifully packaged and light to post, they also make ideal gifts for special friends – if you can bear to part with them!

The subject matter for the 'silk stories' is organized in series, currently Tropical Flowers, Great Barrier Reef, Patterns in Nature and Tropical Fruit, with Outback, History and Lifestyle soon to follow. Some stories here -

New designer silk scarves in progress

New designs are released from time to time, so you can build up your collection with colours and themes that suit your wardrobe and lifestyle, which may vary from elegant to carefree (or both at the same time).

If you would like to be notified in advance of the release of new ‘visual stories’ in silk please enter your email details here to be part of an exclusive membership - with benefits galore!

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LATEST SERIES HERE  ('Tropical Fruit and Nuts')

I hope that you will join me in this adventurous journey by contributing your ideas and feed-back. Better still, if you would like to contribute your own Australian story, start here.

First release of limited edition fine art prints on canvas. Check them out here. What do you think?

NB: If you are looking for wholesale purchases for corporate or incentive groups or would like custom designed scarves for your members or clients, please just ask!

Enquiries are also welcome from specialist retailers looking for high quality, silk, wholesale fashion scarves and prints. Please see current stockists.

John F. Kennedy - “The life of the Arts, far from being an interruption, a distraction in the life of the nation, is very close to the centre of the nation’s purpose and is a test of a nation’s civilisation.”

Australian Made - patterns around edge of Southern Cross in blue sky

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