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Spirited, Issue #002B -- New Square Designs x 2
April 05, 2016

New Square Designs Discounted For A Few Days

My apologies for all that black in previous newsletter. Trying again!

Four brand new, square, limited edition designs from the Tropical Flowers series are now in production!

What is more, for a few days only, I am offering these, plus four other large limited edition squares, to members only, at a massive discount.

This pricing arrangement is a barely 'break even' situation for me but I would like to offer it to you in recognition of your trust in me and in this website business, which, with your help, I am doing my level best to grow.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for retail outlets to offer this discount and purchases from the website are limited to two scarves per person.

So what are limited editions?

An original art work is the only 'one of' its kind. Once the artist produces copies of it the result can either be termed 'reproductions', in the case of large, uncounted numbers of identical copies, or limited editions, where the number of similar works is pre-determined.

Each piece in the edition is numbered (either at the base or on the bottom right of the print) and, because they are produced by hand, they are rarely identical.

Any art work (original prints, sculptures, glass work, ceramics etc) that is produced in editions is more valuable than un-editioned reproductions. In general, the smaller the edition, the more valuable it is.

These large silk scarves are limited to an edition of only 120, after which the design will be archived.

Developing the new designs

I selected sections of four long scarves, already printed, and painted them, playing with the main characteristics of that section of design, exaggerating some elements and introducing new shapes and colours if that seemed right for the composition and colour balance.

They were then scanned and printed in Sydney on high quality 14mm pure silk crepe de chine.

I hope that you love the results!

GO HERE ! Please do let your friends know about this rare opportunity.

My best wishes to you - do for enjoy your purchase!


PS Any member, who sends in photos of themselves or their friends wearing a Spirit of Oz silk scarf, will be able to claim a discount of A$10 on any future purchase - so, out with the camera or phone.

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