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Spirited, Issue #005 -- Two for one
December 07, 2016

Two silk scarves - pay for one only

Greetings, all you high spirited people!

You will be gearing up for Christmas and the Summer holidays, which I hope will be all that you could wish for, whether you are off on a holiday or staying home to enjoy the company of family and good friends.

I thought that you may appreciate this ‘two for the price of one’ special, which is valid for all of December ‘while stocks last’, as they say!

Go here to find out all about it.


I have three new limited edition large square scarves currently being printed – guess who will be the first to see them? Of course, it will be you!

Another release is a range of men’s silk ties

So look out for another email or from me soon.

My best wishes to you.


PS Any member, who sends in photos of themselves or their friends wearing a Spirit of Oz silk scarf, will be able to claim a discount of A$10 on any future purchase - so, out with the camera or phone!

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