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Spirited, Issue #001 -- Let's celebrate!
January 04, 2016

Greetings, Spirited Ones!

This is my first newsletter, ever, to members of my new website, Spirit of Oz.

When you signed up as a member you would have done so in the expectation of being the first to know about new releases or about special promotions.

Because it is a brand New Year it seemed appropriate to mark its beginning with something special so I thought that, as it has grown a little, I would officially launch the website now.

Launching means celebration, surely, so please celebrate with me by taking advantage of this super offer, whereby you can buy two silk scarves for the price of one (the smaller scarf being the free one).

Win Win

We should be able to achieve this in a 'break even' situation so that we all 'win' - you get to have gorgeous pure silk scarves for yourself or for friends and family, I get to meet new online friends and start to build a special community.

I have just uploaded this page , which displays the scarves (Tropical Flowers), from which you may make your choice.

If this is your first Spirit of Oz purchase you will also receive a complimentary small scarf as a 'thank you' for your custom and trust.

There are also four new square designs but I shan't release them until my friends are able to model them for you. If you live in the Port Douglas/Cairns area and would enjoy helping out in this way, please say so.

We have been inundated with heavy rain so an excursion into rainforest or botanic gardens will just have to wait! Not much fun sitting on a wet log - shall leave that to the green frogs!

All good wishes for 2016 - and Happy Celebrating with your new scarves!


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