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Spirited, Issue #006 -- Sheer silk chiffon scarves
April 03, 2017

Pure silk chiffon scarves

This new series of sheer, pure silk, chiffon scarves is rather different to previous releases.

Grouped loosely under the subject of 'Patterns in Nature' the scarves are abstract in execution, with a strong emphasis on texture and - yes - patterns.

There are ten separate scarves, all 180 x 70 cm, beautifully printed to my rather exacting standards, their hems being hand rolled with care.

Colours used are appropriate to their subject matter, which varies from the Australian landscape and the Great Barrier Reef to age-old banksia seeds and even huge pythons!

Check them out at this chiffon scarf page and follow image links to separate pages about each.

Another thing that makes these scarves different to all my others is that, for the first time, they have been printed and sewn in China. Of course, that's where the silk is also grown, spun and woven.

For almost two years I have had samples made there but have always been disappointed with the standard of printing. One day I said to one of my potential suppliers something along the lines of, "Really, you need to invest in new machinery which will have a good dye saturation ability."

To my surprise, one day he emailed me to say that his small factory had done just that. So we started the process again of getting samples and testing my designs on various weights of silk.

One reason (well, the main one) for all this research and hard work was so that I could offer you high quality silk scarves at a much cheaper price.

Mission accomplished! Enjoy!

Don't forget that, if this is your first purchase, you still qualify for a free small scarf as a 'thank you' from me.

Happy days!


PS Any member, who sends in photos of themselves or their friends wearing a Spirit of Oz silk scarf, will be able to claim a discount of A$10 on any future purchase - so, out with the camera or phone!

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