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Spirited, Issue #003 -- Giclee Fine Art Prints
May 25, 2016

New Giclee Fine Art Prints On Canvas

Just a quick note to let you know about a new release.

This time it's not a new scarf design, but a different way of presenting some designs, namely the square Tropical Flowers.

Friends have admired the impact of the designs on paper so I decided to convert some of them to giclee fine art prints on canvas.

There are two sizes and the choice is yours!

In keeping with my promise that you would be the first to know about new releases, I have also discounted them hugely.

I cannot afford to do this for more than a very short period - sorry, the idea is not how fast I can go 'broke'!

So this special offer is good for one week only from now.

Click on this link - giclee fine art prints

Please do let your friends know about this rare opportunity via our membership.

My best wishes to you - I hope that your new artwork enlivening your walls makes you happy!


PS Any member, who sends in photos of themselves or their friends wearing a Spirit of Oz silk scarf, will be able to claim a discount of A$10 on any future purchase - so, out with the camera or phone.

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