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Spirited, Issue #007 -- Square silk chiffon scarves
March 13, 2019
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Pure silk square chiffon scarves

If you have been wondering where your Spirited newsletters have been, please remember that I did warn you that they would be ’occasional’!

However, I am now better organised, so ‘occasional’ might be every few weeks if there is something of interest to pass on to you.

Because I am relatively active on social media I had thought that newsletters might have been a bit passe. However, research has shown that newsletters are definitely regaining popularity. It seems that recipients enjoy their rather more ‘in depth’ articles instead of the very ephemeral nature of social media, ‘here today, gone tomorrow’.

But what do you think?

This website and the artworks which it presents are, after all, for you and your friends. I value your opinion and will listen to your advice. It’s easy to do – just go to the Contact form and tell me!

Last year I circulated a survey, which many of you were kind enough to complete. There had been some discussion around the subject of how much people valued the fact that the scarves that I designed were all printed and made in Australia. Would they prefer that they were printed in China if that meant a cheaper price to the consumer? How important was high quality and good working conditions of the factory workers?

As you would expect, the results were mixed, with some respondents being adamant that they would never buy Made in China, while others didn’t care where they were made as long as prices were attractive and quality was good….there was also a bit of a feeling that Made in Australia at Made in China prices was ideal!

Now I can aspire to be a magician but I can tell you with certainty that “that ain’t going to happen” because of high wages and strict regulations in Australia.

Brilliant compromise?

However, after a lot of research and hard work I have come up with a compromise, which I hope that you will like.

A year or so ago I found a small printing company in China, which had invested in new equipment. They seem to be very reliable and trustworthy, always considerations when dealing with an overseas business, especially when language can be something of a barrier.

Economies of scale could apply, of course, but I have no interest in dealing in vast quantities as do big corporate retailers. Freight to, and design costs in, Australia still apply.

The outcome is that I decided to continue having limited edition and some other silk scarves made in Australia, using high quality, fairly dense silks, such as 14mm crepe de chine. Our Australian printers have the equipment and expertise to print with a good ‘show through’ result, meaning that the colour shows through well to the back of the fabric. For prints on dress fabric this doesn’t matter but I think it is important for scarves as they don’t really have a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ side.

New Series on Pure Silk Chiffon

So some new series have been designed to be printed at our ‘boutique’ printing and sewing facility in China on high quality pure silk chiffon, which is more sheer and soft than many other silk fabrics, yet it holds the colour well. You now have the choice of Made in Australia or Made in China.

The ‘Patterns in Nature’, abstract series about the Australian bush, comprising ten large, oblong scarves, was the first to be printed on silk chiffon, the most sheer and almost transparent of the Spirit of Oz collection (5mm).

And now …drum roll please… the brand new series ‘Tropical Fruit and Nuts’! This silk chiffon is a little more dense (8mm) but is still perfect to drape around your head, neck, waist or hips…

NB ‘mm’ is short for ‘momme’ which measures the weight, hence density, of the fabric, based on a standard square metreage.

For Members Only – That’s You!

As a valued member of Spirit of Oz, you are eligible for an amazingly huge discount, for a strictly limited time only, on any scarves in this tropical Fruit and Nuts series, while stocks last!

They are 90 cms square and hand rolled. Have you ever tried hand rolling silk? I would be interested to know how long it took you – do tell?

If this is a first-time purchase for you from this website you also qualify for a free ‘Spirit of Oz’ pure silk crepe de chine scarf made in Australia (80 x 10cms), which is perfect as a neck scarf, ribbon –or for your wrist or handbag! Freight free too if you live in Australia.

Here’s the discount discounts info. Happy days!

A Request

If you have enjoyed this website and the designer silk scarves on offer please share with your friends. Please also be on the lookout for Facebook and Instagram posts and share those with your friends? Thank you - really appreciated.


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