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This website is all about silk, its soft springiness, its durability and sense of luxury.

This picture of the Great Barrier Reef in pure silk will have you floating along, imagining that you are immersed in its cool waters, coral reef animals and plants drifting with you...

On the right is a detail (crop) of the very large, pure silk crepe-de-chine sarong, which is also perfect to wear as a wrap or, folded lengthways, as a scarf under a coat.

Your perfect, exciting, yet comfortable companion that helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Versatile and luxurious!

Great Barrier Reef scene, digitally printed on pure silk sarong.Picture of Great Barrier Reef - very large, limited edition silk scarf

Picture of Great Barrier Reef - designed, printed and made in Australia from premium quality crepe de chine pure silk.

All scarves are attractively finished with colour co-ordinated edging or flat hems. Because of the individual nature of each artwork, sizes may vary slightly. To purchase, please choose from the drop-down menu, below.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Large Oblong Silk Scarf

Large Great Barrier Reef oblong silk scarf
Belinda wears the large GBR scarfv at 4 Mile Beach, Port Douglas. Belinda wears large Great Barrier Reef silk scarf at the pool Belinda wears large, oblong Great Barrier Reef silk scarf with her blue coat Belinda wears large GBR silk scarf draped over one shoulder Packaging for large GBR silk scarf
Large oblong Great Barier Reef silk scarf Belinda wears large GBR scarf at the beach Belinda wears large GBR scarf over one shoulder at the pool Large GBR scarf worn with blue coat Belinda wears large GBR scarf draped over one shoulder Large oblong GBR silk scarf packaging

Large Oblong, Great Barrier Reef

Pure silk crepe de chine

200cm x 100cm approximately   (huge!)

Limited edition of 120 pieces only will ever be printed.

Packaged in specially designed Spirit of Oz white box with tissue, ribbon and care label

Personalised gift cards available on request

Free postage for all scarves within Australia.

Please add $25 postage to other countries.

Please click on thumbnails, then hover your mouse over sections of the image to see finer details.

It's all about silk so buy this very large silk scarf now and enjoy pure luxury!

Large Great Barrier Reef

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Observing the magical world of the Coral Sea

Do you love snorkelling on the Reef? Perhaps you have been scuba diving or have explored areas in a glass bottomed boat or, better still, in a semi-submersible 'submarine'? Some reef trips include underwater observatories, connected to substantial anchored platforms.

There are plenty of opportunities for non swimmers, as well as  for those more energetic amongst us, to venture into the amazing underwater world of corals, reef fish, sea turtles and plants.

An adventurous day out is often made more interesting and enjoyable with illustrated talks about the reef and its inhabitants by marine biologists - as well as a delicious lunch and, sometimes, soothing live music on the trip home. A day to remember! 

Looking for more information about the Great Barrier Reef?

Here are some brief facts to get you started, then some information about places to stay on tropical islands within the reef, should you decide to visit.

There has been considerable publicity lately (from mid 2016) about the damage to corals living in the Northern section of the Great Barrier Reef, caused by being immersed in hotter than normal water temperatures for extended periods. This has resulted in what is called 'coral bleaching', a phenomenon caused by the death of tiny marine algae, which live in the tissues of the corals, providing them with food and giving them their typical colourful appearance.

When these algae (zooxanthellae) are no longer providing such essential support the corals (their white skeletons on display) may die unless water temperatures drop and the algae are able to return to their hosts. If water temperatures continue to increase there is real concern that the glorious beauty of this special area will no longer exist.

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