Jill's Textile Art Journal

To keep an art journal of the, sometimes, bumpy road to the development of finished, beautiful, silk scarves, seems like a good idea at the moment. What do you think?

The 'art' part is not just in drawing or painting an idea for a scarf, but involves, for me, all aspects of dealing with their production and the wonderful people who help the process towards reality.

Then, like any artworks, the next stage of their lives involves the participation of an audience.

An exhibition of artworks might revolve around a central theme, in which each viewer takes part by contributing his or her own life's culture and experience to appreciate the work on display. The viewer's involvement completes the process (and, of course, purchasing and taking home an artwork, if that happens, is a beautiful finale indeed!). 

So it is that the scarves are worn - displayed on a person for their own comfort and enjoyment, perhaps even as a fashion statement, for all to see and appreciate. You might like to read an article that I came across this morning, extolling the virtues of silk scarves in the workplace.

The 'journal' part of the 'art journal' description implies a journey. Want to join me for a behind-the-scenes look at the reality of this explorer's adventures?

My art journal will be published sporadically

Please don't expect regular entries as that is really not the nature of the process. What I expect to happen is that I shall upload any photos or 'musings' if I think that they would interest you and if they reflect stages of the process of creation of the scarves.

Entries will be listed as links, below - in reverse chronological order.


I still have my Art in Tropical Australia website, on which some of the Tropical Flowers scarves are featured. Here's what I wrote a month or two ago, which explains the stage that I was at then. I'm thinking that this entry will form a nice 'bridge' between the sites.

Such a windy day when this photo was taken and this large square silk scarf decided to take off on a little adventure by itself - grandson in hot pursuit!

Perhaps this silky wonder was looking for you so that it could enrich your day?

Boy chases large red frangipanis scarf.The One That Got Away

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