Australia Travel Blogs - Are You Writing One?

Australia travel blogs seem almost obligatory these days, with mums and dads with kids, or singles, writing almost daily accounts of their travel adventures.

Australia travel blogs - 'Mystery Island' (Snapper Island) Port Douglas North Queensland'Mystery Island'

Unlike the private diaries, kept by visitors to exotic countries in times long past, these online communications reach friends and family, but seem to also be intended for public consumption and often have a sales purpose.

As well as sharing their adventures via a travel blog, many people connect with friends via social media, Facebook and Instagram being especially popular, because of their immediacy and the ease of sharing photos.

Backpacking around Australia? Or travelling in luxury?

However you plan to travel around this vast country, if you are planning holidays in Australia, the stories behind the Spirit of Oz images will provide an insider’s look at areas that you may wish to explore for yourself – then the silk scarves or prints on canvas will help to keep your memories alive.

As new stories are written, links to them will appear on the Spirit of Oz blog page.

With a reputation for being friendly, hospitable and tolerant, Australians welcome travellers and enjoy the opportunity to share adventures, food and stories with them.

Join in for an Australian adventure as we visit iconic landmarks and experience the wild beauty of the outback and, perhaps, yet-to-be-explored coastlines.

Perhaps you would like to share your experiences as a local or visitor to this country by contributing your stories and photos here - in a group blogging effort?

You may also be interested in these facts about Australia.

Map of Australia

Please use the + or - buttons to enlarge areas of the map or use the terrain button to show where those mountain ranges are!  Enjoy your virtual trip as you change gears and admire imaginary panoramic views!

Our own Spirit of Australia travel blogs?

If this idea interests you, please share your adventures with us via the form, below. Your story need not be an account of active adventure but may reflect more cultural and lifestyle experiences, showing the diversity of this wonderful country and its people.

Should you write a series of articles that become Australia travel blogs, I shall arrange them under your name, rather like these artists' journal entries on my Art in Tropical Australia website. That way you have your own mini-blog, which is part of a group effort.

Whether you are staying at luxurious resorts or backpacking around Australia, you need to write about genuine experiences and impressions - with no 'hype' or sales intent. In order for the search engines to view each entry as a serious web page it should be at least 400 words long and be written in such a way as to capture readers' interest. Readers will be able to comment after your article is published.

So please do keep an eye out for others, whose story is worthy of comment and encouragement, and respond to them. You may have suggestions about the best out-of-the way spots to visit or perhaps have advice about variable road and weather conditions so that they can be aware that travelling in Australia is sometimes rather hazardous.

Perhaps there are artists amongst you, who are turning  your adventures into a sketching trip. Show and tell?

It's easy to do - just pretend that you are chatting to a need to give away exact locations if your amazing place is a secret hideaway!


Have A Great Australian Story To Tell?

Do you have a great story to share about your Australian adventures? If so, we would love to hear it.

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