Do You Love To Buy Scarves? Beautiful Silk Scarves?

When  you buy scarves is it the design and the colours which attract you or is it something else? Perhaps you also love to touch it? The luxury of pure silk fabrics caressing your skin is such a special feeling, isn't it? 

Spirit of Oz designer silk scarves evoke that response but they bring much more to your day - think confidence, colour coordination, a finishing touch to your outfit...

Trudi wears a square scarf, simply knotted, as a neck scarf.Trudi wears 'Tropical Adventure' neck scarf.

You will have noticed how comfortable silk is to wear - warm in Winter, cool in Summer.

There is no comparison with cheaper, man made fibres. With the move towards 'Slow Fashion', high quality silk scarves, properly cared for, could last so long that they become family heirlooms! 

Can you imagine how magical this pure silk scarf feels, tied in a simple knot? Looks like fun too!

Same design worn as a head scarf

It seems to me that the simpler, the better. Scarves are such a clever way of dressing up a plain outfit - or of transitioning from work to play.  Just a quick flourish of a colourful silk scarf that has been tucked away in  your handbag all day and you are transformed and ready to go!

Don't you love the way that a beautifully designed pure silk scarf can lift your spirits and turn 'blah' into 'whoopee'?

Perhaps you have never wondered why that is and why it works best for certain designs and colours? My designs might look as though they just 'happened' and, yes, that level of serendipity in the creative process does occur.

But, when brain, eye, hand and experience work together in an atmosphere of relaxed concentration, the years of training and practice take over - or so I like to think! 

Examples of this might be the juxtapositioning of certain colours and shapes for contrast or even for a swift flash of discord. Harmony results from the use of several different hues or tones of a colour so that you will almost always be able to find a colour that is close to that of your outfit.

Movement, repetition of line, shape and form join various design elements that I use, probably sub-consciously.  I hope that you love the results.

How to wear a scarf

Trudi wears silk scarf loosely around her shoulders

This way? Or that?

This Coral Colours silk scarf looks and feels great draped casually around Trudi's shoulders, or knotted loosely to one side. 

Yes, that really is as easy as it looks!

Silk 'Coral Colours' scarf tied using an elastic band and worn softly to one side of Trudi's neck

Are you unsure about how to wear a scarf? Some people tell me that, because they don't really know how to tie a scarf, they are a little reluctant to wear one. I well remember the days of scarf 'rings'. I could never make them do what they  were supposed to and I would end up totally frustrated.

That was until I met Perth fashion designer, Liz Davenport, for whom I produced one-off lengths of silk, when I was a Textiles student at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

Liz taught me the supremely simple 'lackey band' trick and I have never had to worry about how to tie a scarf since!

Virginia talks Trudi through the simple steps of tying a silk scarf.

Do you love to buy scarves? 

Do you buy scarves from your favourite fashion boutique?

Or, if someone else is buying them as a gift for you, with thought and love, is that even better?

Perhaps you find it easier and quicker to buy scarves online?

But then, that does come with disadvantages. You can't try them on and see your amazingly transformed image in a mirror, or feel the wonderful soft and springy silk texture caressing your skin - a feeling of total luxury,

Most silk scarf buyers (collectors!) make repeat purchases from designers, whom they have learned to trust. Once the quality of the scarves  has been established there is little risk - and considerable convenience in 'letting your fingers do the walking'!

Exclusive retailers

Finding an exclusive retail outlet might be a good beginning, unless the online website owner provides a guarantee of quality materials and workmanship - which Spirit of Oz does. 

The downside of offline retail shopping is that you will only be able to see merchandise that the shop has chosen, usually to suit their existing stock. However, you may be fortunate to find some who will go to extra lengths to cater for your preferences; such relationships you will want to foster.

Special scarves, which come in small limited editions and which are works of art in their own right, appeal to most collectors.

How about you?

Knowing that only a small number will ever be printed adds to their value, of course.

Spirit of Oz large squares or sarongs are all in a limited edition of only 120.

Trudi wears silk scarf as a necklet and also around her wrist.Silk jewellery, anyone?

It is to your advantage to buy scarves direct from the artist.

Occasional huge discounts, guarantee of high quality, accountability and personalised attention are some of the resultant positives.

NB: Would you like me to post a scarf with a hand written message to one of your special friends?

Who buys scarves?

  • Apart from those fashion-smart people who love comfort and individual style, many buy scarves just for fun. Scarves complete an outfit or dress up a dull one, but they also give a feeling of confidence - and happiness!

  • Then there are those who really need head scarves for hair loss due to 'chemo' treatment - that they also look stunning might take over as the main reason! 
  • Muslim head scarves are increasingly popular in our multi-cultural society.

  • A limited edition scarf with an Australian 'feel' or imagery can  make a perfect gift for visiting dignitaries or as speakers' gifts. Limited edition Spirit of Oz scarves are all made in Australia, so carry extra intrinsic value.

  • Likewise, 'his and hers' silk scarves and ties make attractive gifts for those companies organising corporate gifts or holiday business gifts for their clients. With a little notice, Spirit of Oz is able to deliver scarves in quantity, beautifully packaged or gift wrapped.

  • Retailers (including art galleries and holiday resorts) are our other repeat purchasers. At present there are only a select few, but enquiries for wholesale fashion scarves are welcome.

Spirit of Oz Exclusive Membership

Membership of spirit of Oz is free but comes with many benefits, not least of which are very generous discounts when new designs are released - AND you will be the first to know about them!

Soon to be released, this square, pure crepe de chine silk scarf comes in three sizes (55cm, 90cm and 105cm ).

The largest size is in a limited edition of only 120, including packaging and certificate/label.

Square, abstract design, Tropical Adventure, features contrasting reds and yellows against deep blues and greens.Tropical Adventure silk scarf or print on canvas.

It can be folded diagonally and worn around the shoulders, tied as a neck scarf or worn as a head scarf - or rolled to make a long skinny neck scarf or waist tie.

So many choices!

Made in Australia or Made in China?

Which provides best value? If you buy scarves for yourself or as gifts, do you have a minute to tell me what you think about this question?

I would really value your opinion. Quick survey here Thank you !

NB: Many thanks to fabulous photographers Catherine and Virginia, model Trudi and video editor, Olivia, who so kindly gave of their time and considerable skills for this little scarf modelling project. xxxx 

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