Each Chiffon Scarf Explores Patterns In Nature.

Trudi wears chiffon scarf pirate style around her head while Shelley ties hers, more demurely, under her chin.Which silk chiffon scarf? Choose your mood!

See how a chiffon scarf can transform your outfit - and your whole mood.

Shelley manages to look demure in her softly draped monochromatic Amethystine Python pure silk scarf. 

But Trudi's mood is more provocative and energetic, to match her vibrantly coloured Night Falls scarf, tied in pirate fashion.

Click on each image, below, for 'how to wear' ideas or a quick and easy purchase.

Patterns in Nature - which chiffon scarf is your favourite?

Printed on very fine, pure silk chiffon, these scarves are light and floaty, subdued colours echoing that of distant Australian landscape. Roughly textured tree bark and slithering, giant pythons complement vibrant impressions of the brilliant ocean or remote outback at sunrise.

Each scarf is approximately 180cms x 70cms, with beautifully hand rolled hems. Please click on each image, above, to see our gorgeous models in action and for ideas on how to wear the scarves - or for a quick and easy, inexpensive purchase.

Such special fashion models

Beautiful, talented and enthusiastic, friends Trudi, Catherine, Shelley, Allana, Beth and Virginia kindly agreed to be  fashion-models-for-a-day in order to help me to showcase a new range of silk chiffon scarves. How lucky was I!

Not only did they give of their time and modelling skills but they also took many of the photographs here - many thanks to them all, and especially to Catherine, for such fabulous results!

Held in the new garden restaurant at Limberlost Nursery in Stratford, Cairns, North Queensland, the photo-shoot was great fun, culminating in a pleasant lunch at 'Vines', the nursery's excellent restaurant.

Perhaps you would like to join us next time? I know, I know, certain logistics might prevent that! In spirit perhaps?

Fashionable scarves derived from patterns in nature!

Patterns in Nature are everywhere - whether you are walking in the bush, strolling on the beach, enjoying your garden or watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Patterns develop through repetition of a line, shape, tone or colour, and Mother Nature certainly excels at doing this in a way that is inspirational.

This series of pure silk chiffon scarves pays tribute to these rhythms in a way that I hope you will find fun to wear as well as fashionable.

Soft reds and greens of gum tree bark scarf designPatterns in the bark of Australian gum trees

Choose from ten sheer chiffon scarves

There are ten scarves, all oblong and all making observations about Australian Nature, resulting in designs that are more abstract than representational.

Do you have a plain outfit with which these scarves would look perfect? Toning or contrasting both work well, as I'm sure you know.

Team with favourites to create your individual fashion style. Having fun?

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