New Release : Your Spirited Discount Scarves

Discount scarves are offered to members only for a limited time, usually when new designs are released.

So please keep an eye on your email Inbox so that you don't miss these drastically reduced offers of hot off-the-press high quality silk scarves, usually available nowhere else, except from this website.

Offers may take the form of a flash sale, lasting only a few days or they might have a longer time frame, such as the first offer, which, as a special launch, lasted for all of January 2016 - or until stock ran out!

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Bougainvillea long silk scarf
Blues long silk scarf in two sizes
Corals bow - long silk scarf can be tied in a variety of ways.
Azaleas long silk scarf in deep reds and purples
Heliconias long silk scarf - abstract design in reds and blues
Multi coloured long silk scarf
Corals long silk scarf

Links to discount scarves as they are released

Releases will be displayed here, in order, with the newest first. Click on links to learn more.

MARCH 2019  Choice of ten 90cm square pure silk chiffon scarves, 'Tropical Fruit and Nuts'. On offer until March 31 only.

OCTOBER 2017   This one is a little different as it involves a short survey - and a reward! Until November 30 only.

JUNE 2016  The latest and the greatest! HUGE, new Great Barrier Reef oblong scarf in pure crepe de chine silk available for discounted purchase until June 30 only.

MAY 2016      Really different - not scarves this time but canvas Flower Prints - huge discount for members - until June 2 only.

APRIL 2016      Four new designs and generous discounts - until April 10 only.


This first  release of Tropical Flowers, long pure silk scarves, celebrates the launch of Spirit of Oz so let's celebrate together! Discounts are available until the end of the month or until stocks are sold out.

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