Drawings Of Flowers - Ornamental Gingers.

Drawings of flowers become paintings and collages, which are then- transposed to the softest, springiest pure silk for your pleasure!

I have made drawings of flowers for almost as long as I can remember, so much so that it became almost second nature to sketch their outline and make notes about their growth habit, colours and patterns.

Growing up in the hills near Perth in Western Australia, where my father had a mixed orchard, bordering on State Forest, one of Life's simple pleasures for me was to collect, draw and press wildflowers, especially the various wild orchids, which grew in profusion there.

Later on, as an emerging textile artist, it was hardly surprising that I would screen print wildflower images on T shirts, tea towels and fabric lengths. 

Tropical rainforest plants and flowers

If I thought that wildflowers of Western Australia were wonderful, my first experience of the showy brilliance of tropical flowers was almost overwhelming.

Such weird shapes, shiny surfaces, amazing growing habits and interaction with insects gave the impression of unreality.

Then, as I began to spend time making drawings of flowers which grew in my garden, of course they became more familiar and I understood more about their markings and, often, brilliant colourings.

The ornamental ginger flowers are especially vibrant, as compared with their more subdued cousins from edible ginger plants.

Drawings of flowers become paintings and collages

In order to capture the essence of the flowering gingers I visited Cairns Botanic Gardens, where they grow with wild abandon (or so it seems) on several occasions.

Sketches were made and photographs taken.

Then the creative process began as oil pastels and paints took over, using line, form and colour to develop depth, contrasts and a liveliness that the flowers seem to portray.

More about  that adventure here.

The process continues

Once completed, the designs were taken to be scanned at my favourite scanner/digital printer in Cairns  and then to the best textile printer that I know for profiling, fabric preparation, printing and sewing. 

Some weeks later the gorgeous results are opened with a sense of excitement and fulfilment. I think that you would enjoy looking over my shoulder!

I am indebted to my daughters and grandchildren as well as to kind friends who have posed for photos wearing the scarves in various ways. Eventually I shall compile a booklet from some of these photographs but in the meantime, browse the SHOP items for some great ideas about how to wear scarves.

Yulia in heliconia garden, wearing 'Rosellas' silk scarfYulia in heliconia garden, wearing 'Rosellas' silk scarf

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