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As you fashion shop online, be adventurous with your choice of pure silk scarves!

This silk scarf series, Tropical Fruit and Nuts, features the bright and lush colours of the Australian tropics in designs that depict mangoes, mangosteens, coffee, dragon fruit and more, but which look quite abstract when worn.

Because of this abstract look you can concentrate on the colours used, their harmonies and contrasts and how they complement your various outfits.

But then, almost as important is how they feel and how they make you feel.Their soft, luxurious texture is the ultimate indulgence that you deserve...

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Design process:

The design process for this Tropical Fruit and Nuts series developed over a period of about four months.  Sketches and photographs made 'en plein air' became paintings, which were intended to show various aspects of a particular fruit and how it was grown.

This was done using the extra challenge of applying many layers of transparent paints to various sections of the painting, resulting in quite intense colours. The interesting consequence is that, because of the many 'hidden' layers of colour, the scarves will complement and harmonise with many plain outfits.

Do you like to fashion shop online? The process should be easy and enjoyable.

If you're not in a rush, a good idea is to have a leisurely browse of the website which is offering products or services. Is navigating the site easy or frustrating?  Compare with others (eg in our case, check out other websites offering high quality silk scarves).

Check out the owner of the website. Do they know what they are talking about;  is there an actual person or people whom you could contact to ask questions if needed? Or is the website just a money-making concern of a faceless conglomerate?

In other words, are they genuine and an authority about their subject and products?  Would you trust them?

Once you are happy with your answers, refine your search until you have a few items from which to choose. 

Decision time! Can't really help you with that - perhaps eliminate those about which you have doubts. But, hey, it's OK to buy more than one!

One or two clicks and you're done! 

I send scarves per Australia Post, unless otherwise arranged, and also enlist their tracking help so, once posted, you will know where they are at all times. 

These pure silk chiffon scarves are as light as a feather but not quite as sheer as those in the 'Patterns in Nature' series. With a quick flip they can be draped around your neck or shoulders, rolled or folded to be tied around your waist, neck - or handbag!

Our beautiful models offer a few styling suggestions as they enjoy the gardens (and lunch!) at Limberlost Nursery in Cairns, where we spent a few happy hours in beautiful warm weather.

I am very grateful to these ladies, who so graciously displayed the scarves so that you could have a few extra ideas about how they may be worn. Thank you again, Trudi, Shelley, Carmen, Jane, Yulia and Virginia (who was also our excellent photographer).

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