What's Your Fashion Style?

Perhaps your fashion style is ever evolving? These pure silk chiffon scarves bring some 'pizazz' to understated, casual outfits, but they are just as effective and gorgeous to wear for more formal occasions.

Catherine shows her fashion style as she holds turquoise silk scarf'Swimmers - Great Barrier Reef Fish' in Floaty Silk Chiffon

Catherine enjoys the soft, luxurious feel of the silk in her hands while she experiments with ways to wear this attractive, turquoise coloured scarf.

She is a sailor and diver in her spare time and, no doubt, also appreciates this beautiful, tropical ocean colour.

Friends Trudi, Beth, Catherine, Allana, Shelley and Virginia kindly modelled these wisps of sheer luxury for your enjoyment - ten designs in total.


Mangosteens silk square scarf

Shelley shows off her perfectly toning silk scarf.
Shelley shows the back of her perfectly toning silk scarf, Mangosteens Square silk Mangosteens scarf in my garden Colour Harmony in the Tropics - Shelley wears Mangosteens silk scarf Square Mangosteens Pure Silk Scarf Packaging for Mangosteens silk scarf
Mangosteens Silk Scarf Shelley shows off her perfectly toning silk scarf. Square silk scarf in my garden Colour Harmony in the Tropics - Shelley wears Mangosteens silk scarf Square Mangosteens Silk Scarf Mangosteens silk scarf - packaging

Designed in Australia and made from top quality, pure silk

These chiffon scarves measure approximately 70 cm x 180 cm. They are printed on lightweight silk fabric, the silk having been produced by hard-working little silkworms feeding on mulberry leaves, then spun, woven and printed with special dyes, before being hand-hemmed by skilled artisans.

Which is your fashion style? Buy now and love wearing it!

Great Barrier Reef Swimmers is in the drop-down menu on the right. Three clicks and it will be on its way to you! I can also send to another destination with a hand written greetings card if you would like to it posted as a gift (free postage within Australia), $25 overseas.


Check out other silk chiffon scarf designs:

Please click on each image to learn more that scarf.

Soft chiffonAmethystine
Transparent silk scarf drapedBefore the Rains
Light blue chiffon scarfBlue Banksia
Soft colours of chiffon scarfGumtree Bark
Night Falls textured silk scarf in darkish coloursNight Falls
Beautiful turquoise scarf cascades from Beth's throatSwimmers GBR
This scarf in pure silk looks stunning with blackNight Falls
A nice accent with this silk scarf worn as a sashMonsoon Rains
Allana making an entrance with her stunning silk scarf over red dressMorning Has Broken
What a difference a scarf makes!Ocean Blue

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