Frangipani Flowers - Perfumes Of The Tropics

Frangipani flowers floating in a shallow bowl of water, threaded into a romantic lei or providing a splash of colour in gardens, invite relaxation and appreciation of their tropical beauty.

Frangipanis are a favourite garden plant in warm climates or in sunny locations where protection from frost is possible.

Not to be confused with the native frangipani, the frangipani tree (plumeria), whose flowers we so admire, has its origins in Mexico and Central America

Red frangipani flowersRed
Cream frangipani flowersCream
Pink frangipani flowersPink

Which of the frangipani flowers is your favourite?

Is it the creamy frangipani flower with its intoxicating, memorable perfume that reminds you of the tropics?

Or do you just love the stunning but less heavily perfumed yellow, apricot, orange, dark red, white, variegated or pink frangipani? These varieties festoon deciduous frangipani trees, which are characterised by dull green, pointy shaped leaves.

Also growing in clusters of a dozen or more at the end of a stalk, they can be used as cut flowers in a vase or picked separately and made into leis or floated in a shallow bowl of water. Very zen!

Me? I like them all but am drawn especially to  the white/cream perfumed variety (featured on this frangipani design). Because the tree doesn't lose its shiny, dark green leaves, it also works well in my garden (not crazy about gnarly winter skeletons!).

I still remember the thrill of opening a large parcel, sent by my lovely class of eleven year old girls from Darwin Primary School, for our wedding (long, long ago). I'm sure that you can guess what was in it - cream frangipani temple flowers, of course!

But I also greatly admire the drama of the deep red frangipanis and have propagated a few.

Frangipani Design Collection

So both of these treasures form part of my Tropical Flowers scarf collection, the red one of which is featured here. Please click on thumbnails to change images, then 'hover' over that to enlarge sections.

There are long scarves in two sizes and square ones, also in two sizes, so you have plenty of choice if you wish to purchase a fashion accessory to brighten up your outfit or as a gift for that special person in your life. Once folded and wrapped in a scrap of tissue paper the tiny size fits neatly into a card which features the same design. It is very easy to post to anywhere in the world (free postage too!) and, if you wish, I can personalise if further by writing a few words in the card on your behalf.

Frangipani trees are easy to grow

I find that frangipani trees are very easy to grow in a warm climate, especially in the tropics of North Queensland, where I live.

If you want to try growing them yourself, just cut a piece of a branch, say a foot or two long, and throw it somewhere to dry out a little. Then, after a week or two, dig a hole approximately six inches deep and stand  the cutting up in it (or use your hose at fairly strong pressure to burrow down into the soil). Water every so often, fertilize occasionally - and be amazed at how generously this plant will reward your relative lack of attention.

They will also grow in cooler climates - for instance in the southern Australian states, given a sunny position and room to spread their branches.

Enjoy your touch of the tropics.

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