Great Barrier Reef Fish Species Abound

If you are looking for a variety of Great Barrier Reef fish, then, obviously, North Queensland is a great place to start! But then, so are  the pristine waters off the Pilbara and Kimberley coasts in Western Australia, where a variety of tropical fish, common in North Queensland, may also be found.

As well as hauls of mackerel and tuna for eating, other tropical fish species, such as flying fish (yes, really!) seem to be everywhere along that coastline. Years ago I was intrigued to see schools of flying fish leaping and soaring alongside coastal passenger vessels that used to meander along the coast from Fremantle in Western Australia to Darwin in the Northern Territory. Occasionally one would land on deck, so it was possible to study them a little before tossing them back into their watery playground.

Section of Coral Spawning square silk scarf showing yellow and blue fish swimmingWhich Great Barrier Reef Fish is this?

Over 1600 Species of Great Barrier Reef Fish

Of this number the majority are coral reef fish, some of which are fished commercially. These comprise well known, highly prized species such as coral trout, wrasse, parrot fish and cod.

Coral trout are spectacular examples of brilliant colour, design and patterns in Nature with their red, pink or orange scaled bodies set with stunning array of blue spots.

So prized are they by overseas, leading restaurants that these reef fish are exported live in a lucrative trade to Asia, Europe and USA, where they attract premium prices.

Coral Trout

Blues and reds Coral Trout square silk scarf'Coral Trout' silk scarf square, available in two sizes.
Virginia wears small Coral Trout square neck scarfVirginia wears the smaller version

Artists respond to this visual feast of shapes, colours and pulsating activity with fish drawings and paintings, photographs and designs celebrating these marvels of Nature. Here's my interpretation, above, of the stunning, blue spotted coral trout.

Where's Nemo?

Nemo and friend having fun in this silk scarf - who would have thought?Nemo and friend...

'Finding Nemo' is the title of an animated film about the adventures of a clown fish, named Nemo. I am sure that most of you are familiar with this endearing character and his friends.

The Nemo that I know lives in amongst sea grass and coral in the shallow waters of the Low Isles lagoon, an hour's sail from Port Douglas in North Queensland, with his brothers and sisters. Playing hide-and-seek with his friends comes naturally to him so he will probably hide if you disturb him. Be gentle, move slowly, treat him with respect and he may even allow you to photograph him!

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