Which Head Scarf Fashion Appeals To You?

Which head scarf fashion do you enjoy wearing? Do you like to wind a colourful silk scarf around your head, tie it under your chin or use it for a splash of colour around your neck or waist?

Head scarves. neck scarves, waist scarves or shoulder scarves (even handbag scarves!) may be square, oblong or long and skinny and sizes may vary.

All scarves featured on this website are designed by me and printed on the best quality, pure silk.  The type of silk chosen varies from a 14 momme crepe de chine to the finest, gossamer wisp of 5 momme silk chiffon.

'Mangoes'silk scarf tossed on a mango tree branch'Mangoes' silk scarf tossed on a mango tree branch
'Mangoes' Silk Scarves

Square 'Mangoes' silk scarf

Carmen enjoys wearing her colourful 'Mangoes' square silk scarf
Square mangoes design, showing the fruit and leaves of this tropical tree Mangoes silk scarf tossed onto a mango tree. Wearable art - an abstract painting? Mangoes silk scarf knotted to show how it could be worn at the neck Mangoes Scarf, Packaging
Square, Green, Macadamias Silk Scarf 'Mangoes' square silk scarf 90cms x 90cms Trudi tosses this beautiful green silk scarf over one shoulder and secures it. The filmy, transparent and luxurious nature of this silk chiffon scarf is intriguing Macadamias silk scarf knotted to show how it could be worn at the neck Macadamia scarf tossed onto a macadamia tree - abstract arrangement

Designed in Australia and made from top quality, pure silk

This series, Tropical Fruits and Nuts is printed on 8 momme, pure silk chiffon, which has the lustrous properties of more sheer chiffons but a little more 'body', yet still retains a slight transparency.

This design features the tropical fruit, mangoes, which are a delicious addition to the beginning of Summer in the tropics. A golden orange colour when ripe, the design also features a mango cut and ready to eat. What better reminder of the carefree ambience of the tropics and its simple gastronomical delights?

However, if you are like most silk scarf conoisseurs, it's the beautiful soft feel of the pure silk fabric as well as its springy texture and colour harmonies which attract you. Do you agree?

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Mangoes Silk Scarf

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Head scarf fashion just for you!

Because this square silk scarf is quite large - 90 centimetres (or 36 inches) - the ways in which you can wear it are varied. It is 'medium fine' in weight so is light weight to feel and a little transparent in certain conditions.

However it is sturdy enough to drape well and still dispay its beautiful, contrasting, bright colours, which go right through to the back of the fabric.

This factor is something about which I feel quite strongly. I do my best to bring you high quality scarves which start life as a fascinating thread extruded by silkworms, which are grown in the home of silk, China.

If you would like to learn more about the subject of the design, mangoes, check out this article.

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