January 2016 - Launch of Spirit of Oz

January 2016 and it's a New Year!

What better time to officially launch Spirit of Oz than this?

Let's celebrate!

Azaleas silk scarf
Blues small silk scarf
Small pure silk scarf tied in a bow
Cream Frangipani silk scarf
An attractive twist for this pure silk scarf

For all of this month a special collection of long tropical flowers scarves (one medium and one small in size) will be offered to our members on a two-for-the-price-of-one basis, thus saving you $40 on the pair.

These scarves are normally $98 for the medium size and $40 for the smaller one, but you may have a pair of any designs for just $98 for two, meaning that the smaller size is free! Sizes are 142x24cm and 90x15cm approx.

This special offer is in addition to the complimentary tiny Spirit of Oz scarf presented to all members with their first purchase.

Twelve gorgeous designs from which to choose!

Spoilt for choice? Just scroll down and you will see that two or three designs will 'jump out' at you. Make a note of those then go to any of the 'Buy Now' buttons and order a pair - either the same design or mix and match. The buttons are arranged in groups of 3, with 4 designs to each button.

Perhaps you would love two different sizes and designs for yourself or perhaps one or both would make very special gifts for friends and family. They come attractively packaged and posted free in Australia (postage only $15 to other countries).

There is a limit of  two pairs per person but you are welcome to share this special offer with your friends and invite them to become members. Discounts available while stocks last for all of January only.

Large Blues silk scarf
Small Blues scarf

   Tropical Flowers 1 - Blues

Large Riot of Colour silk scarf
Small Riot of Colour

   Tropical Flowers 2 - Riot of Colour

Large, long Azaleas in pure silk
Small Azaleas

   Tropical Flowers 3 - Azaleas

Large Coffee scarf
Small Coffee silk scarf

   Tropical Flowers 4 - Coffee

Want to mix 'n match? Go ahead in January 2016!

There is a limit of two pairs (two larger long scarves and two smaller long scarves) per member but a pair may be made up from any designs. So you could order one large Blues, one large Corals, one small Cream Frangipanis and one small Heliconias, for example.

Large Red Frangipanis long scarf
Small Red Frangipanis scarf

   Tropical Flowers 5 - Red Frangipanis

Corals - large, long silk scarf
Corals - small

   Tropical Flowers 6 - Corals

Heliconia Large and long pure silk
Heliconia small

   Tropical Flowers 7 - Heliconias

Multi - large and long silk scarf made in Australia
Multi - small

   Tropical Flowers 7 - Multi

Having fun?

I think that you will find the process easy but feel free to contact me via the form, below, if you need help. Please note that if we run out of certain designs I will substitute others with similar colours, if that is possible. First in, best dressed, as they say...

If you wish to discuss your choices I am just at the end of a form!

Long Cream Frangipanis silk scarf made in Australia
Small silk scarf in creams and greens

   Tropical Flowers 9 - Cream Frangipanis

Oranges and bright greens of Poincianas silk scarf, made in Australia
small Poincianas scarf

Tropical Flowers 10 - Poincianas

Crotons, yellows and greens silk scarf
small Crotons scarf

   Tropical Flowers 11 - Crotons

Bougainvilleas tropical flowers silk scarf
small long silk scarf purples and greens

   Tropical Flowers 12 - Bougainvillea

February 2016: Thank you very much to those who participated in this offer. It is now at an end - more in the pipeline, though, so make sure that you express your interest in learning about new work and special offers by popping your name and email here -

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