These Ladies Silk Scarves Feel So Luxurious.

These ladies silk scarves, so luxurious and long lasting, bring a real meaning to the newish term 'slow fashion'.

Take good  care of them and they could become a family heirloom - after they have served you for many years, of course.

Instead of the 'fast fashion' of cheap, disposable clothing, which brings with it all the problems of wastage and the lack of sustainability in our fragile eco-systems, 'slow fashion' means that we now choose high quality garments and accessories that will last.

Detail from Great Barrier Reef square scarf showing fish swimming through coralDetail - 'Coral Spawning'

Each square silk scarf is designed and made in Australia from top quality, pure silk.

All scarves are attractively finished with colour co-ordinated edging. Because of the individual nature of each artwork, sizes may vary slightly. To purchase, please choose from the Paypal drop-down menu, below.

Coral Spawning

Coral Spawning Square Silk Scarf

Large square coral spawning silk scarf
Virginia wears Coral Spawning scarf around her shoulders Virginia wears Coral Spawning scarf tossed over one shoulder Spirit of Oz packaging - white matt box with pale blue logo
Coral Spawning square silk scarf Virginia wears scarf around her shoulders Virginia wears scarf over one shoulderPackaging for Spirit of Oz scarves - white box with pale blue text

Large square
100cm x 100cm - pure silk satin or pure silk habotai. Limited edition of only 120 scarves.

Packaged in specially designed Spirit of Oz matt white, printed box with tissue, ribbon, swing tag and care label

Free postage for all scarves within Australia. Please add $15 postage to other countries for these larger scarves.

Small Square

50cm x 50cm - pure silk satin or crepe de chine

Wrapped in tissue and posted in an envelope with matching greetings card and care label. Free postage world-wide.

Personalised gift cards available on request - no charge.

Please click on each 'thumbnail' to enlarge it and then 'hover' your mouse over sections to see details of the design.

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Coral Spawning

Corals spawn across the Great Barrier Reef at full moon.

These square scarves feature the phenomenon of coral spawning, which occurs at much the same time, usually in November or December, every year, right across the vast reaches of the Great Barrier Reef.

Various species of hermaphrodite coral polyp eggs are simultaneously released, along with sperm, to unite on the surface of the ocean and form 'babies'. Inner reefs may spawn, following the full moon, as early as October, also depending on species.

This orgy of procreation, happening as it does in the build-up to the monsoon season, at night and at around full moon is an exciting and unforgettable experience.

This design is especially popular amongst visitors to North Queensland, probably because it is a true souvenir (French for memory, as we know) of their experience - or maybe they just like the colours!

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More about the phenomenon of annual coral spawning here.

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