Scarf Tying Videos

These scarf tying videos feature Spirit of Oz designer silk scarves for women. They look stunning when tied simply, using a loose knot or small elastic band - the 'lackey band trick'.

Lackey band instead of scarf ring - what..?..?

Many Australians, particularly those from Western Australia, are in the habit of calling elastic bands by this abbreviation. They used to be called 'rubber bands' too, but are now made from plastic, not rubber.

How to tie a silk scarf quickly and easily:

Virginia talks Trudi through the simple steps of using a  small elastic band to tie a scarf attractively and keep it in place. This method is perfect for tying and arranging silk scarves at the neck, head or waist and does not damage the silk in any way. Unlike some other methods, you can then enjoy yourself without giving it another thought!

I used to struggle with the complications of using scarf rings - never again!

Ready to try this out for yourself? It seems to me that once you master this little trick you won't even need to check in the mirror - your silk scarf will look perfect every time!

Tying small silk scarves:

Trudi's nimble fingers make tying small silk scarves at her shoulder or around her hair a 'breeze'. She can now relax, knowing that they look and feel fabulous.  

Small silk scarves, whether they are squares or long ribbons are easy to use and a fabulous way to add a touch of extra colour and interest to your outfit.

I especially like Trudi's invention of a double 'bow', don't you? These simple little 'rabbit ears' are quite magical in their effect.

Wondering how to wear a scarf? This scarf tying video will give you some ideas.

This is a very short video. Eyes glued to your screen? Here we go!

Thanks, Trudi and Virginia - too easy!

How to wear a large silk oblong scarf or sarong.

By folding a long silk Tropical Flowers scarf or sarong length-ways several times, Trudi is able to enjoy a soft and luxurious feel at her throat while presenting a beautiful, fashionable finish to her winter coat.

With a few knots here and there Virginia transforms her large silk Great Barrier Reef scarf into a comfortable and colourful top.

How to wear large square silk scarves?

Trudi plays with an assortment of large square scarves to discover ways of wearing them that you may not have considered.

Thank you , Trudi, that was most instructive!

Loosely knotted neck scarf

A loose knot holds Yulia's soft silk chiffon scarf in place.

Loosely knotted neck scarfYulia knots her Cacao square silk scarf loosely at her neck.

'Lackey bands', casually draped or loose knots, it's your choice. Enjoy!

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