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All of the scarves for sale on this website are made of pure silk. Occasionally there may be a series which uses a blend of silk and cotton or silk and cashmere but this will be clearly stated.

Pure silk has wonderful thermal qualities in that it is cool in Summer but warm in Winter and feels just beautiful as it caresses your skin.

Dragonfruit silk scarfDragonfruit design - pure silk scarf

Dragonfruit pure silk square scarf

Trudi brightens up her outfit with colourful Dragonfruit silk scarf.
A splash of colour at Trudi's throat gives a wonderful accent to Trudi's dress Dragonfruit square pure silk scarf Dragonfruit silk scarf - tossed on to a Hoya plant in the garden Silk Dragonfruit scarf, knotted Packaging for Dragonfruit silk scarf
Dragonfruit Silk Scarf Trudi brightens up her outfit with colourful Dragonfruit silk scarf. Square silk Dragonfruit scarf Silk Dragonfruit scarf, knotted Silk Dragonfruit scarf, knotted Dragonfruit silk scarf - packaging

Top quality silk chiffon scarves designed in Australia.

If you can resist that alluring touch, your silk scarf may be worn under a jacket collar or around your waist or your hair for stunning effect. The resultant colour harmony or contrast may be quite understated but contributes to the whole look and feel of your outfit, whether that be casual or more formal.

This medium weight, pure silk chiffon scarf can be folded or rolled in such a way to show certain colour combinations - a useful versatility if you want to wear it with different outfits.

It features a rather unusual tropical fruit, the Dragon Fruit, which is a type of succulent, with cactus-like leaves and growth habit. Its flowers are attractive and white, with pointed petals, while the fruit is quite stunning in appearance, with black seeds scattered throughout its flesh. As well as the red fruit featured here, white varieties are also available and have a similar pleasant, refreshing taste and texture.

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Dragon Fruit

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If you are ready to buy scarves direct from the owner/designer (that's me!) the purchasing process is very quick and simple, using the Paypal link above. If you prefer to pay per internet banking, please contact me for details.

Postage within Australia is free and is subsidised to other countries.

Which of these Tropical Fruit scarves for sale is your favourite?

Or do you like them all equally?

Given that the fabric, design, artwork, printing and sewing of each are of the same high quality, I imagine that some will stand out as being colours and shapes that you like or that will help to coordinate some of your existing outfits.

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Characteristics of Silk

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the characteristics of pure silk make it a unique fabric. Do read that article (and also check the link to an amusing but heartfelt story at the bottom of it).

Now that you know all about silk, all you have to do is to enjoy the scarf - or scarves - of your choice!

If you are unsure about how to tie a scarf, here are some super easy ideas. What fun!

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