Brightly Coloured Silk Neck Scarf Features Ornamental Ginger Flowers

Silk neck scarf, head scarf, shoulder scarf, wrist scarf...which will it be? Versatility is limited only by your imagination!

Pink torch, white scented, red and yellow gingers are offset by the deep greens of their foliage.

Detail of Pink Gingers crepe de chine silk scarfPink Gingers
Detail of Yellow Gingers crepe de chine pure silk scarfYellow Gingers
Detail of Red Gingers crepe de chine silk scarfRed Gingers

Designed and made in Australia from top quality, pure silk.

All scarves are attractively finished with colour co-ordinated edging. Because of the individual nature of each artwork, sizes may vary slightly. To purchase, please choose from the drop-down menu, below the images.


Pink Gingers Long Silk Scarf

Long Pink Gingers silk scarf
Long yellow gingers silk scarf draped on Dora the Dummy Red gingers long silk scarf draped on Dora Large gingers sarong scarf worn under a winter coat Long Red Gingers silk scarf tied at neck Large Gingers silk sarong/wrap, front view
Long Pink Gingers silk scarf Long Yellow Gingers silk scarf Long Red Gingers silk scarf Large gingers scarf wrap worn under winter coat - front view Long Red Gingers scarf tied at neck Gingers sarong/wrap, front view

Large sarong/wrap/scarf 190cm x 100cm approx - pure silk satin or pure silk creoe de chine or habotai. Limited edition. 

Long Pink Gingers   25cm x 150 cm - pure silk habotai or pure silk crepe de chine
Long Yellow Gingers   25 cm x 150 cm   - pure silk habotai or pure silk crepe de chine
Long Red Gingers   25 cm x 150 cm   - pure silk habotai or pure silk crepe de chine

Packaged in specially designed Spirit of Oz white box with tissue, ribbon and care label

Free postage for all scarves within Australia. Please add $25 postage to other countries.

Small Long Gingers (Pinks, Yellows, Reds) 16 x 96cm - pure silk crepe de chine
Wrapped in tissue and posted in an envelope with matching greetings card, with care label. Free postage world-wide.

Personalised gift cards available on request

Please click on each 'thumbnail' to enlarge it and then 'hover' your mouse over sections to see details of the design.

Which silk neck scarf will you choose?

Gingers scarf packagingGingers scarf packaging

Ginger flowers were the first to feature as scarf designs

I spent many interesting hours in Cairns Botanic Gardens, exploring the huge variety of flowering gingers there, photographing and sketching ideas for designs.

Some images and the story behind the development of the gingers designs here.

Of the huge variety available I selected those with pink hues for one scarf, yellows and oranges for another and reds for the third. I hope that you like the effect!

Ginger flowers make such a surprising splash of colour against their dark green foliage. Usually it is the non-edible, ornamental varieties which flaunt such striking shapes and colours. Growing gingers is easy in a warm climate and they make useful 'fill in' displays for awkward corners of your garden - or they may be resplendent as as a centre-piece.

Flowering gingers last well as cut flowers in a large vase although most people are happy to just enjoy them as special garden displays. Because of their varied heights they lend themselves to a layering effect in the garden - taller ones at the back, of course!

As for scarves with ginger flower prints, layer any way that you find interesting!

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