Silk Scarfs - Fun In The Gardens

Playing with silk scarfs in the gardens was fun for these fashion-models-for-a-day.

Cairns Botanic Gardens restaurant was the venue for friends, Virginia, Trudi, Alisa, Deborah and Shelley as they met for their regular luncheon date.

Large silk scarf floats behind Trudi as she plays in Cairns Botanic Garden.Trudi plays with silk sarong.

But there was more on the menu than food and 'catch-up' chat this time, for they had kindly agreed to be fashion models for a day and show off my 'Tropical Flowers' and 'Flowering Gingers' series of pure silk scarves.

And what could be a more suitable backdrop for this moving art scene than the exotic flowering plants and trees which had formed the inspiration for the scarf designs.

Creativity with designer silk scarfs

Even though the day was overcast and rain threatened, the friends leapt into the spirit of the exercise, dashing through the gardens, brightly coloured scarves floating behind them or wrapped turban-like around their heads.

They were having fun! Please click on each image to see a larger version.

If you would like to own one of these silk masterpieces please choose from this page.

Gingers silk scarf in greens and oranges
Close-up of pure silk Gingers scarf worn in pirate style
The yellows in this silk scarf complement Trudi's dress.
This cover-up silk head scarf looks amazing beside the huge heliconia flower.

Trudi wears her yellow beehive gingers silk scarf in pirate style! Poised and confident, she carries off this fashion accent with aplomb.

Long silk sarong scarf worn as a wrap around Shelley's shoulders
Shelley loves the feel of this luxurious pure silk scarf depicting tropical flowers
Bright colours of this long silk scarf look perfect with Shelley's pink dress.
This large silk scarf feels so luxurious and special to wear.

Shelley's 'in the pink' as she steps out in fine style, her flowing, silky wrap adding a touch of glamour to her eye-catching outfit.

Alisa adjusts long silk sarong scarf
Back view of large silk scarf worn as a wrap around Alisa'a shoulders
Same long silk scarf worn around Alisa's neck - looks different, doesn't it?
Long silk scarf tied in a bow looks attractive.

Same girl in these pics, same scarf; such creativity, Alisa, to fold and arrange it in so many versatile ways!

Alisa adjusts Deborah's red gingers silk scarf
Deborah shows off her red gingers scarf as she stands beside an impressive red ginger plant in the Cairns Botanic Garden
Deborah seems to be enjoying the soft feel of her silk scarf
Deborah wears Tropical Flowers silk wrap in the Cairns Botanic Gardens

Deborah shows off her red gingers scarf, dwarfed by the dramatic plant that inspired it (gorgeous flower, gorgeous girl, gorgeous scarf!).

More designer silk scarfs - Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Trudi:  The perfumed, cream frangipani flower design is Trudi's choice for this shot. Surrounded by cool, lush greenery, she looks relaxed and happy.

Alisa: Enjoying her 'poincianas' silk scarf, Alisa pauses for a moment as she wanders around the Cairns Botanical Gardens, enjoying the display of tropical plants from many countries.

Deborah: With a deft couple of loose knots, Deborah has turned this large scarf into an eye-catching garment - perfect for 'dressing up' a plain outfit for an evening outing.

Shelley: Shelley's choice of a pink gingers scarf, used as a sash is a perfect understatement of stylishness and assurance -  and very pretty!

Girls just wanna have fun!

 - as Trudi demonstrates in fine style ...

in Cairns Botanic Gardens

Don't you just feel like singing and dancing along with her? Even if dancing doesn't fit your mood at the moment, perhaps plan for a stroll around Cairns Botanic Gardens on your next holiday?

Close-up details of how to wear a scarf

Simplicity and comfort would seem to be the best option. What do you think? We would love to see your ideas on how to wear a tropical flowers silk scarf.

If you are looking for a fabulously illustrated little book, which shows you 50 ways to wear scarves (some more formal than shown here!) I think that you will love this one. You could go for the kindle version but my preference is the hard cover because it is so easy to refer to when you are testing the ideas!

Photographer for a day

All photos on this page are by my daughter, Virginia, left, whose scarf is folded and knotted loosely to give a touch of colour to her outfit.

My thanks to her and her friends, the 'fashion models for a day', for a great job, well done.

I hope that their imaginative solutions, to the question of how many ways there are to wear a silk scarf, have given you a few ideas.

If you would like to see larger versions of photos please just click on each image.

Like to join us? Easy...

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