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Want to buy scarves that are originals and premium quality? The larger scarves, in various series, are made in strictly limited editions of only 120 pieces and will no longer be available when the edition has been sold.

Most of those presented on  this page are in stock and ready to purchase. Please click on each image to learn more about sizes, types of silk used, pricing - and to make a fast purchase!

Square Silk Scarves For Women  $67 - $230  (large and small).

Tropical Flowers - large and small. Large squares are all in limited editions of 120 only.

Great Barrier Reef  - large and small. Large squares in editions of only 120

Long or oblong scarves  $23 - $420 (tiny, small, large, very large)

Tropical Flowers 

Silk sarongs/wraps in editions of only 120 pieces.

Ocean, Great Barrier Reef

Tiny neck scarf 'Southern Cross'. Pretty tied in your hair or on your handbag!Southern Cross

Abstract : Patterns in Nature - Pure Silk Chiffon $130

Ten designs in sheer silk chiffon - large oblong. Click on any image to see  them all.

Men's Pure Silk Ties $140

Highly suited to ladies, too!

There are eight designs from which to choose. Click on one of  the images to the right to see them all.

These silk scarves are happy and spirited images of various facets of Australian life. Do join in and have fun wearing them!

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