Spirited Silk Scarves - Designed For Your Pleasure

Beautiful, soft and luxurious, silk scarves, which are designed with you in mind - do you like that idea?

"But how could an artist/designer know anything about me or what I like?" I hear you ask.

True, I don't have that level of mind-reading but I can make an educated guess, formed from years of watching and listening to countless visitors to our art galleries as they brushed against a rack of silk scarves moving in the gentle breezes, then draped them over their shoulders as they checked in the mirror.

So I know that it is likely that you will appreciate the sensual touch of silk, its responsiveness, softness yet springiness and its ability to drape effortlessly around your body (shoulders, neck, head, waist).

It is also likely that you will appreciate the use of harmonious color, which means that, almost certainly, you will be able to find colours within many of the designs, which complement your existing, plain coloured outfits.

How could that be? I could say that it's magic and in a way it is - the magic of Nature.

Night Falls, pure silk, chiffon oblong scarfNight Falls, pure silk

Magic or logic?

But here's the logic. For a start, the designs are printed digitally from high resolution scans of my original paintings, which are made with paint, brushes, dyes, pencil, ink, charcoal or crayon - or sometimes all of those at the same time!   The images are not computer generated. Digital printing is more expensive than, say, screen printing (which usually results in plain blocks of opaque colour without any texture, on a plain background) but worth it, in my opinion.

The original paintings are often built up using several blues, for example, placed side by side or with many layers of transparent colour. If this interests you, click on images of Tropical Fruit and Nuts, below, and examine the enlarged versions. Many of those paintings start with a transparent layer of various yellows. When dry, the next layer, again transparent, might be reds or blues, to produce various greens, blues or violets and so on. 

So it stands to reason that the exact colour that you want may be there - but 'hidden'. As a matter of interest, how do you think that dried beans in the Coffee design were painted? Hint: no brown of any sort was used.

The larger silk scarves, in various series, are made in strictly limited editions of only 120 pieces and will no longer be available when the edition has been sold. Most scarves presented on  this page are in stock. Please click on each image to learn more about sizes, types of silk used, pricing and so on.

Square Silk Scarves For Women  $67 - $230  (large and small).

Tropical Flowers - large and small. Large squares are all in limited editions of 120 only.

There's nothing shy or retiring about these tropical flowers, I think you will agree. Nature seems to be at her most unbridled and intense when she lets loose on her passion for brilliant colour. I mean, who else would have thought to choose bright pinks for the colour of red flowering hibiscus leaves (Coral Colour)?

Large limited edition 100cm square

Small 55cm square

Large limited edition 100cm square

Small 55cm square

Great Barrier Reef  - large and small. Large squares in editions of only 120

The drama of these Great Barrier Reef stories reflects the amazing phenomenon of the annual orgy of coral spawning across vast stretches of coral reefs or the mesmerising music of waves breaking on deserted beaches. With its iconic blue and red patterning, nobody would have any idea that you are actually wearing the highly prized fish in this coral trout design or that the colourful leaves drifting on an outgoing tide have anything to do with threatened mangroves. Shall we keep the secret just between us?

Large limited edition 100cm square

Small 55cm square

Tropical Fruit and Nuts  $115 (pure silk chiffon 90cm square)

These square pure silk scarves are made from a medium weight silk chiffon and are semi-transparent, an advantage if you want them to blend with or accentuate a particular colour that you are wearing. They feel oh-so-soft and luxurious - you may never want to take them off! 

Long or oblong scarves  $23 - $420 (tiny, small, large, very large)

This long silk scarf shape is extremely versatile in the ways that it can be worn. Click on images for ideas!

Tropical Flowers 

Silk sarongs/wraps in editions of only 120 pieces - feel indulged! Three colour-ways for a choice of mood.

Ocean, Great Barrier Reef

A range of sizes gives you heaps of choice!

Tiny neck scarf 'Southern Cross'. Pretty tied in your hair or on your handbag!Southern Cross

Abstract : Patterns in Nature - Pure Silk Chiffon $130

These large, oblong, pure silk chiffon scarves reflect the texture and patterning of the Australian bush.

Ten designs in sheer silk chiffon - large oblong. Click on any image to see  them all.

Men's (Or Ladies') Pure Silk Ties $140

Quite the fashionable look these days as men become more daring in their fashion choices. Highly suited to ladies, too!

There are eight designs from which to choose. Click on one of  the images to the right to see them all.

These silk scarves are happy and spirited images of various facets of Australian life. Do join in and have fun wearing them!

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