Silk Stoles - Garment Or Accessory?

These pure silk stoles, in a multitude of floral shapes and colours, are a generous size. They can be worn in a variety of ways and feel so luxurious, as well as looking stunning, however they are worn.

By combining eight different tropical flowers designs, a striking effect is achieved. Yet, because some of the stoles share common colours,  the overall impression is of a thrilling harmony. There are three large scarves in this series - see here for more.

Because they are large (180cm x 90cm) the ways in which they can be worn are quite versatile. No doubt they are a great answer to dressing up a plain outfit (pop in your handbag and go from work to dinner or a party!).

Deborah looks happy in hers on the home page and Virginia shows us a few ideas on how to wear one, below.

Large Pure Silk Scarves

Large Pure Silk Scarves

Large multi floral pure silk scarf
Virginia holds out large scarf A splash of colour in winter Virginia wears large scarf knotted at each end Virginia wears a large pure silk scarf casually around her shoulders
pure silk multi floral large scarf Large silk scarf ready to wear Virginia wears scarf folded lengthways with navy coloured coat Virginia wears large silk scarf knotted at the ends Virginia wears a large pure silk scarf casually around her shoulders

Designed and made in Australia from top quality pure silk.

Large - Brights / Creams and Greens / Purples

Pure silk satin, crepe de chine or pure silk habotai

90cm x 180cm approximately   

Limited edition of 120 pieces only of each design will ever be printed.

Packaged in specially designed Spirit of Oz white box with tissue, ribbon and care label

Personalised gift cards available on request

Free postage for all scarves within Australia. Please add $25 postage to other countries.

Please click on each 'thumbnail' to enlarge it and then 'hover' your mouse over sections to see details of the design.

Buy one of these, beautifully soft, silk stoles now!

Large Tropical Flowers

Some ideas for wearing your long silk sarong/wrap.  Of course, it looks especially elegant draped around your shoulders for evening wear.

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Choice of three

Choose your favourite silk stole from these three colourways, below, then, once you have it, have fun playing with different ways to wear it. See how effective a simple knot can be in making a 'garment' (image 4, above left)?

These ladies large silk scarves feel so soft and luxurious that I wish that you could pop one around your shoulders to try it right now! Wonderful as the internet is, it does have some disadvantages!  

So, unless you are able to visit one of our retail outlets, I guess that you will have to use your imagination!

sarong or stole 1 brights - 8 designsBrights
sarong or stole 2 creams and greensCreams and Greens
sarong or stole 3 purples and bluesPurples

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