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Home Page - an overview of the site

About Me - and you?
Jill's Art Journal - random and mostly creative thoughts and observations

Contact - questions, suggestions...your call.

Blog - new articles and happenings

Membership - enjoy benefits


All Silk Scarves - you choose.

Tropical Flowers Scarves
Red Frangipani - a striking flower
Cream Temple Flowers - such an evocative perfume
Blues of Thunbergia and Native Ginger - thrilling
Poincianas - orange red heralds the Wet season
Azaleas - deep reds and purples
Bougainvillea - Orange reds and purples contrasting with greens
Coral Color - amazing pinks of hibiscus leaves and azaleas
Heliconias - abstract clear red petal shapes contrasted with blues and greens
Ginger Flowers - pinks, reds, oranges and yellows in great profusion
Floral Sarong Wraps/Scarves - a garment or an accessory.

Ocean Scarves
Breaking Waves - enjoy the song!
Coral Spawning - how coral reefs begin
Coral Trout - striking red and blue patterns
From the Islands - mangrove leaves on an outgoing tide
Large GBR Sarong Wrap - teeming life in the Great Barrier Reef

Men's Silk Ties
Eight different designs - have fun choosing!

Silk Chiffon Scarves
Patterns in  Nature  - large, soft and floaty
Tropical Fruit and Nuts - bright, tropical colours

WHERE TO BUY - and try with various outfits and colours...feel the luxury...


Characteristics of Silk - from silkworms to the pinnacle of luxury.
The Silk Road
- the history of silk in Asia and Europe.
Made In Australia - or not? Your opinion?

Great Barrier Reef Facts - an overview of this natural wonder
Great Barrier Reef Pictures - images which develop into silk scarves
Great Barrier Reef Fish - such a variety!
Tropical Beaches - spoiled for choice?
Tropical Islands - which one is 'yours'?

Flower Drawings - developing tropical floral designs
Frangipani Flowers - tropical memories
Ornamental Gingers - so exotic

Facts About Australia - an overview
Dreamtime Stories - from Aboriginal Australia
Your Stories - join in?

OFFERS - discount scarves and giclee fine art prints
Two for Price of One - perfect for gifts, too
Giclees - square prints on canvas
Large Square Scarves - in limited editions of only 120.
Long Florals - small and medium sizes

Privacy Policy - you are safe.

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