'Spirited' Newsletter Invites Exclusive Memberships

'Spirited' seems a good name for a newsletter that will communicate exciting news to the fashion conscious or those who are looking for a refreshing ' take' on high quality silk scarves and art images.

I hope that you will agree, as I am guessing that you, too, are interested in authenticity, flair and an individual style that can 'dress up' a casual outfit, be elegant in the extreme - or that you can quickly knot or drape on a whim, just for fun.

'Spirited' definition?

If I try to define it I think of positive qualities such as courage, enthusiasm, determination, energy, freedom and liveliness.

Happiness is involved, as is the soul and character of the person, animal, activity or enterprise, as well as a willingness to do one's best - to 'have a go'. So I hope that the choice of this title is attractive to you and that you will wish to be involved as a special member of this exclusive group.

Wondering how to join?

That part is easy - just pop your email on this form. No membership fee!

Why join?

What happens then? Probably not a lot straight away, as the main reason for joining is so that you may be informed of  releases of new designs and opportunities. Developing designs is a relatively slow process, as is the next step of having them printed and sewn.

So you will not be inundated with emails. In any case, of course you may 'unsubscribe' at any time.

gift  scarf - turquoise ocean + colourful borderPure silk gift scarf - free with your first purchase.

What are membership benefits?

New releases:

You will always be the first to know when new designs are released. It takes ages to develop designs and get them into production but I shall always email you the moment a new one is ready to fly.

Discounted pricing:

  • With every new release I shall offer insane discounts for that particular launch to members only for a few days (because you are special!).
  • From time to time there will be other special offers, most likely also involving quite large discounts, for a very limited time. So please open your newsletters promptly!

Gifts for you:

  • With your first order, no matter its size, and in addition to the benefits listed, above, you will receive the gift of a specially designed, pure silk scarf/ribbon.
    This is 10cm x 80 cm approximately in size and may be used as a neck scarf, bandanna, ribbon in your hair or around your hat, tied onto your handbag or tucked into a pocket - a pretty splash of soft, clear colours.


  • Your newsletter containing information about silk scarves, ways of wearing them, new designs, fashion trends and Australian stories that connect with the subject matter of the scarves.
  • New pages, related to silk, fashion and Australian travel 'finds' will constantly be added to the website - look for them in the blog section.
  • Articles by interested and knowledgeable guest writers - who might be you?

Social Interaction:

  • Forums
  • Links to social media
Virginia wears small gift scarf at the Reef Marina Port DouglasVirginia wears the gift scarf at Reef Marina, Port Douglas

So, shall we make a spirited beginning? I look forward to your company. Enjoy the journey!

NB: If you would like to purchase this small silk scarf, 'Southern Cross', above, it is only $23, including a greetings card and free postage world-wide.

Southern Cross

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