Square Head Scarves Are Pure Silk, Comfortable And Fashionable.

These square head scarves are an ideal size - 90cms x 90cms. Printed on good quality medium weight silk chiffon, they feel great on your skin and are easy to arrange around your head - or anywhere else!

Because they scrunch up to 'nothing' they are easy to pop into your handbag to 'dress up' your outfit later on - if you are transitioning from work to a more relaxed and social activity, for example.

Cacao silk scarf worn around the neckVersatile - head scarf, neck scarf...

Cacao pure silk square scarf

Yulia drapes square 'Cacao' silk scarf around her hips
Square 'Cacao' silk scarf. Yulia Wears Square 'Cacao' silk scarf. Virginia Wears the 'Cacao' head scarf casually. Pure silk 'Pure silk, square 'Cacao' scarf tied in a loose knot Yulia looking smart at work in her pure silk scarf.
Yulia drapes square 'Cacao' silk scarf around her hips 'Cacao' Square Silk Scarf Yulia Wears Square 'Cacao' silk scarf Virginia Wears the 'Cacao' head scarf casually Pure silk, 'Cacao' scarf, loosely knotted Yulia looking smart at work in her pure silk scarf.

Pure magic - square head scarves designed in Australia and made from top quality, pure silk

The way that the colours blend and contrast in a harmonious way is due to the many layers of transparent acrylic, oil and watercolour paints which were applied as I developed the orginal paintings.

When complete, they were scanned at an extremely high resolution to preserve tiny, sharp details, then printed and hand sewn by other experts in our team, for whom only the best will do.

Cacao Silk Scarf

Please click on the images, above, then use your cursor to explore sections of the design, noting textured sections, rarely seen in  ordinary scarf designs. These all help to add to the harmony of the whole and of your outfits.

Colour harmony

The design process for this Tropical Fruit and Nuts series developed over a period of about four months.  Sketches and photographs made 'en plein air' became paintings, which were intended to show various aspects of a particular fruit and how it was grown.

The result of this planning is that there are many colours 'hidden' within the final result, the implication being that the overall result is one of harmony, within which you are very likely to be able to find a happy match for your plain outfits!

From mulberry leaves and hard-working worms ...

Printing is done, using specialised digital printing equipment and well trained operators, on lengths of pure silk, woven by experienced workers from spun filaments of this beautiful fibre, produced by busy little silkworms.

Once the printing is complete, the scarves are cut to size and hand sewn (rolled edges) by skilled (and very patient!) seamstresses. I once decided to hand roll a silk scarf. I don't know if you have tried doing this, but it took me in excess of two hours!  Now I leave it to the experts!

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