Which Square Silk Scarf Is For You?

Each square silk scarf comes in two sizes - approximately 50cms x 50 cms and approximately 100cms x 100 cms. These sizes are very versatile, the smaller one being perfect as a neck or head scarf, the larger one, at a metre, being useful as a cloak, wrap, cover up or folded and used in a variety of ways around the shoulders, head or waist.

The large scarf is printed in a small edition of 120 pieces, each individually numbered. This limitation means that there will never be more than 120 of these large scarves available for purchase, anywhere.

New release - large square silk scarf in 4 limited editions

For members only, as a way of saying "thank you" for being part of our exclusive group, all of these new Tropical Flowers large limited edition scarves are available at a massive discount, from this site only, for a few days only, until 10pm Australian Eastern time on Sunday April 10. You, dear Spirited Member, are the first to see the four new ones (Bougainvillea, Azalea, Corals and Heliconia).

I am also including the 4 existing square Tropical Flowers silk scarves in this special discount - giving you a choice of eight. Normal price $230 - now only $150 until 10pm on Sunday April 10, Eastern Australian time.If this is your first purchase through this site I shall also send you a complementary small Spirited silk scarf.

Time's up! Watch out for the next super-dooper special when a new design is announced.

Please click on each image to learn more about them.

Blues: 100cm x 100cm - pure silk crepe de chine. Limited edition of 120 only.
Deep blue of thunbergia flowers set against splashes od greens, reds and chrome yellows.
See Blues page for other sizes and shapes.

Temple Flowers:  100cm x 100cm - pure silk crepe de chine. Limited edition -  only 120 ever
The beautiful, perfumed cream, frangipani flower is also known as the temple flower.
Find out more about it and see a variety of silk scarves here.

Bougainvillea:  100cm x 100 cm - pure silk crepe de chine. Edition of 120 only.
Deep reds with splashes of purple, brown, blue, golden yellow, pink and white.
Check new Bougainvilleas page for other sizes and shapes.

Azalea and Thunbergia:  100cm x 100cm - pure silk crepe de chine. Limited edition - 120 pieces only
The deep pink of this azalea flower is offset by deep blue of thunbergias.
Check other sizes and shapes at this new page.

Poincianas:  100cm x 100cm - pure silk crepe de chine. Limited edition of 120
The orange-red flowers of the striking poinciana trees in the tropics of Australia - Summer is on its way!
Check here for other sizes and shapes.

Corals:  100cm x 100cm - pure silk crepe de chine. Limited edition (120)
These beautiful soft and deep pink leaves are those of a hibiscus bush that produces bright red flowers!
New design - see more here.

Heliconia:  100cm x 100cm pure silk crepe de chine. Limited edition of 120.
Abstract shape of heliconia petal set against a lively mixture of greens, blues, yellows and pinks.
More shapes on new page.

Red Frangipanis: 100cm x 100cm pure silk satin or pure silk habotai. Limited edition (120).
Red petals on a background of deep green leaves makes a lovely contrast.
See here for other sizes and shapes.

All of these large square scarves can be folded or rolled in such a way as to accentuate or exclude certain colours. Perhaps you will experiment with yours and show us how you can play around to achieve different results? We would all love to see your photos!

Small stocks, only, are held so it is possible that I may need to order yours in specially. Please allow three weeks for delivery, just in case. Please order via the Paypal button at the end of this page before Sunday April 10, 2016 at 10pm Australian EST. There is a limit of 2 large scarves in total, per person - hope that you understand why!

I shall email you when yours has been posted and shall also include Australia Post tracking information.

Thank you , this offer is now at an end - members, keep an eye on your inbox for the next one.

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