Enjoy Tropical Beaches in any Season.

Tropical beaches, fringed by native hibiscus, casuarinas and coconut palms, await you anywhere north of the Tropic of Capricorn. Interspersed by rocky headlands and mangrove swamps which define the mouths of great rivers, the beaches range in colour from pure white to grey or golden.

Smooth, fine grained sand, suspended in the swell and waves, moves great distances with rising tides and storms, changing the foreshore as it goes. ‘Newer’, more coarse sand, comprising particles of broken shells, intrigues as it sings and tinkles, swishing back into the ocean with every lapping wave.

What a wonderful lullaby if you are fortunate enough to be staying right on the beach at one of the many camping grounds or luxury resorts scattered along the coast.

Gentle Waves on Tropical Beaches

The soft and rhythmical lapping of small waves on hard packed sand, as the tide slowly recedes, is soothing to the soul as one walks along Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas.

The air is balmy and still, birds and insects rest quietly in the heat of the day. The blues of distance lead the eye to contemplate infinity.

Gently lappingwaves as the tide recedes on Four Mile Beach, soft blues lead the eye into the distanceFour Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Looking South

Family Beach Vacations

With something in excess of 25,000 kilometres of coastline at your disposal and a huge range of types of accommodation, there is enormous choice for families, couples or singles wishing to enjoy a variety of Queensland beaches, in particular.

Perhaps you are looking for calm and languid beaches where the water softly laps the finest of sand? Or surfing beaches full of movement and vitality? How about mangrove swamps, full of activity as crabs, some with just one big, red claw, bury themselves in grey mud or scuttle about, finding food. What’s that gnarled old log doing? Help! Climb the nearest tree – it’s a crocodile!

Quite often I have walked along the beach near my home in Port Douglas, North Queensland,  in the cool of the evening, breaking waves turning the pale turquoise waters to white foam, which then travels excitedly to my feet, evaporating in a flurry of clear bubbles. Look into the turning wave and you will often see schools of small fish – and an occasional large one, silhouetted in the lightest part of the wave.

Here is a new design based on that imagery - Breaking Waves.

Lifestyle in Tropical Australia

Surrounded by mountains to the west and the Coral Sea to the east, the small tourist town of Port Douglas enjoys all that tropical beaches, coral encrusted sandy islands of the Great Barrier Reef, sophisticated but relaxed dining and shopping can offer. Check out this recent video by Tourism Port Douglas & Daintree - enjoy!

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