So Many Ways To Wear Scarves; Here Are A Few.

What are your favourite ways to wear scarves?

Do you like the casual and relaxed look of a scarf worn loosely around your neck? Or are you more interested in finding intricate ways to knot and tie it?

As you know, pure silk drapes beautifully, but also holds its shape, so has a myriad of uses and applications - all of which make you feel and look wonderful!

'Lychees' silk scarf tossed onto frangipani leaves in my garden'Lychees' silk scarf on frangipani tree

Lychees pure silk square scarf

Shelley's red top teams perfectly with her Lychees silk scarf.
Lychees Square Silk Scarf Jane's scarf tones beautifully with her mid blue top Lychees silkscarf, loosely knotted, care card included in photo Lychees silk scarf, up close
Shelley's red top teams perfectly with her Lychees scarf Lychees Square Silk Scarf Jane's scarf tones beautifully with her mid blue top Lychees scarf, loosely knotted Lychees scarf, up close

Designed in Australia and made from top quality, pure silk

Enjoy wearing this soft, but springy, pure silk scarf.

As you can see from photos of Shelley and Jane, by picking out one strong colour in the design, a plain coloured top or dress in that colour will automatically be complemented by the scarf.

In these examples, the scarf looks perfect with plain red or plain blue tops. But I can imagine that plain green would look equally perfect, can't you?

The design was developed from a painting I made of a lychee tree in full fruit in my backyard. Such a delicious fruit to eat - as well as to feast on with our eyes!

Please click on each 'thumbnail' to see it enlarged, then hover over that for close-up details.

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Are there many ways to wear scarves?

The beautifully soft but springy character of silk fabric gives us pointers on ways to wear scarves made from this 'queen of fabrics'.

Draped around your shoulders, wound around your head,  tied at your neck or wrist, beautiful silk will do just as you ask and add the magic that makes you feel spoilt and special every time!

So what is so special about silk fabric?

In common with some other natural fibres, silk (extruded from a tube in a silkworm's head) is classfied as a 'protein fibre', meaning that it is derived from animals. Other protein fibres include wool from sheep and alpacas, cashmere from goats, feathers from birds and hair or fur from other animals (including our own, human hair).

Another commonly used class of fibre is derived from plants and is termed cellulosic. Examples are cotton, flax, linen, bamboo, hemp, coir, kapok and man made fibres such as rayon and viscose from the bark of certain trees.

Then there's synthetic fibres, made from chemicals and very similar to plastic. So when you buy 'fast fashion', those clothes are usually made very cheaply and end up in landfill or our oceans as microfibres of plastic, killing fish and other sea life.

I know which I prefer! How many of you are slowly collecting family heirlooms through  the thoughtful choice of high quality clothing and accessories ?

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