Wholesale Fashion Scarves, Designed In Australia

Looking for wholesale fashion scarves or just one for you or a few for gifts?

If your art, corporate or fashion business would like to stock these special Tropical Fruit pure silk scarves, or any others on this website, please just contact me for a great 'deal'.

It is also possible to have scarves custom designed just for you, including extra branding or use of logos (naturally, minimum numbers apply).

Trudi happily wears pawpaw and macadamia silk scarves.Trudi dances in the gardens

Pawpaws pure silk square scarf

Virginia enjoys 'Pawpaws' Silk Scarf.
Pure silk 'Pawpaws' square scarf Yulia looks elegant in this 'Pawpaws' silk head scarf Pawpaw scarf on pawpaw tree 'Pawpaws' silk scarf, loosely knotted Pawpaw scarf on pawpaw tree, showing leaves
Virginia Enjoys 'Pawpaws' Silk Scarf Pure silk, square 'Pawpaws' scarf Yulia looks elegant in this 'Pawpaws' silk scarf Pawpaw scarf on pawpaw tree Pawpaws scarf, loosely knotted Pawpaw scarf on pawpaw tree, showing leaves

Designed in Australia and made from top quality, pure silk

Soft and restrained, clear colours match the soft and luxurious feel of these pure silk scarves.

Paw paw, or papaya, is a relatively common fruit which grows in the Australian tropics, in commercial plantations or in home gardens.

So the subject of the artwork  will probably reflect the experience of visitors as pawpaw trees can commonly be seen at various stages of their growth and the fruits' development. More about pawpaws here.

Then, once they have the soft and springy, pure silk scarf in their hands, it will feel so responsive and luxurious that they will want to wear it frequently.

If the scarf reminds them of you, that's a nice connection to have, whether they are a friend or a business associate.

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If you are a retailer or corporate group, which of these wholesale fashion scarves appeals to you?

In this Tropical Fruit and Nuts series there  are ten designs from which to choose or you may wish to discuss other designs, such as the Tropical Flowers, the Great Barrier Reef or the more abstract Patterns in Nature series.

Any of these scarves and ties are likely to appeal to managers of Meetings and Incentives groups whose members visit Australia and are rewarded for their excellent work efforts during the year. As well as silk items, other merchandise featuring tropical fruit and nuts may appeal and may be branded as required. 

If you wish to on-sell them there is a generous 'mark-up' possible for your business. Obviously, there is a minimum order required. Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page if you would like a quote.

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