Womens Silk Scarves - Beautiful Azalea Flower.

Small long Azaleas silk scarf knotted looselyAzalea Flowers

Women's silk scarves, featuring the azalea flower in deep pink, red and purple, are striking fashion statements and the epitome of luxury and comfort.

Designed and made in Australia from top quality, pure silk.

All scarves are attractively finished with colour co-ordinated edging. Because of the individual nature of each artwork, sizes may vary slightly. To purchase, please choose from the Paypal drop-down menu, below.

Azalea Flowers

Azalea and Thunbergia Flowers Square Scarf

Large square azalea and thunbergia flowers silk scarf
Long azalea flowers silk scarf Long azalea flowers silk scarf tied in loose knot Large Square Azalea Flowers silk scarf tied at front Large Square Azalea Flowers silk scarf tied and draped at front Large Square Azalea Flowers packaging
Azalea and Thunbergia Flowers square silk scarf Long Azalea flowers silk scarf Long Azalea flowers silk scarf tied in loose knot Long Azalea flowers silk scarf tied to make a cape around shoulders Square Azalea Flowers silk scarf tied and draped at front Square Azalea Flowers Packaging

Large square
  100cm x 100cm approx - pure silk satin crepe de chine. Limited edition.
Small Square  50cm x 50cm - pure silk satin or crepe de chine
Long Azaleas 25cm x 150 cm - pure silk habotai or crepe de chine
Packaged in specially designed Spirit of Oz white box with tissue, ribbon, care label and complimentary matching greetings card.
Free postage within Australia. Please add $25 postage to other countries.

Small Long Azaleas - 16 x 96 cm - pure silk habotai or crepe de chine.
Wrapped in tissue and posted in an envelope with matching greetings card, care label and swing tag. Free postage world-wide.

Personalised gift cards available on request (ie I can write your message if you would like me to post the scarf as a gift).

Please click on each 'thumbnail' to enlarge it and then 'hover' your mouse over sections to see details of the design.

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Azaleas and Thunbergias

Pink azalea flower or purple?

Azaleas are such showy garden plants and equally brilliant as cut flowers, lasting indoors for days or even for weeks. The essence of their bright and lasting colour was the inspiration behind these silk scarf designs.

I had never thought of azaleas as being tropical flowers but mine just love the sunshine combined with heavy rainfall in North Queensland and reward me with fabulous blooms covering the bushes for months at a time in the winter, the single variety appearing to do better than the double.

I'm not sure what they are rewarding me for, as I give them little attention beyond an occasional handful of fertiliser and plenty of water. Maybe they sense my gratitude as I pick yet another small bunch of flowers for a friend...or to paint.

The design, above, features purples and mauves, a deliberate fashion choice for those who wish to wear this attractive, bold colour.

But pink azaleas also feature in the Corals design, alongside pink frangipani flowers and the pinkish white  leaves of a variegated hibiscus bush (the flowers of which are , rather improbably, dark red! Nature never fails to surprise).

...and there's more! If azaleas are not your favourite, perhaps one of these is?

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